14 Tips to Modify Your Furniture


Changing your furniture can be an extraordinary method for giving your home a new look without burning through a truckload of cash. The following are 15 simple tips to assist you with getting everything rolling:

 1. Paint It

A new layer of paint can totally change the vibe of your furniture. Pick a variety that matches your home stylistic theme and get some paint from a paint shop.

 2. Supplant the Equipment

Changing the knobs and handles on cupboards, drawers, and dressers can have a major effect. Search for interesting equipment at a woodworking supply shop.

 3. Add Pads to Seats

Make hard seats more agreeable by adding pads. You can purchase instant ones or make your own with some texture and stuffing.

 4. Reupholster Your Furniture

Assuming that your chairs or seats are looking worn, consider reupholstering them. Pick a texture that you love and follow straightforward internet based instructional tutorials.

 5. Add Trim or Molding

Give your furniture a more cleaned look by adding brightening trim or molding. This can be effortlessly done for certain fundamental tools and materials.

 6. Use Decoupage

Decoupage is a pleasant method for adding patterns or pictures to your furniture. Use paste and paper or texture to make exceptional plans on tables, cupboards, or even chairs.

 7. Trade Out Legs

Changing the legs on couches, tables, and seats can give them a recent trend. You can find various styles of legs at a wood shop.

8. Update Upholstery on Chairs

In the event that your recliners are looking dated, think about refreshing the upholstery. Pick a texture that matches your ongoing style and follow basic moves toward reupholster the pads and backrest.

 9. Add a Slipcover

Slipcovers are a simple method for changing the vibe of your couches and chairs. They come in many tones and examples and can be handily taken out for washing.

 10. Finish Wood Furniture

In the event that you have wooden furniture, think about finishing it an alternate tone. Colors can improve the wood’s normal excellence and give it another look.

 11. Make a Two-Tone Impact

For a cutting edge look, paint part of your furniture one tone and the rest another. For instance, paint the edge of a seat white and the seat a splendid variety.

 12. Add Wheels

Adding wheels to furniture like foot stools, trucks, or capacity units can make them more flexible and simpler to move. You can find tough wheels at a woodworking supply store.

 13. Use Stencils

Stencils can assist you with making lovely examples and plans on your furniture. You can paint stencils onto tabletops, drawers, or the sides of cupboards to add a customized touch.

 14. Introduce Racking

Add additional capacity and show space by introducing racks on your current furniture. For instance, you can add racks to the side of a shelf or inside a closet.


By following these basic hints, you can alter your furniture to all the more likely accommodate your style and needs. Partake in your DIY projects and the new life they bring to your home!


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