Solar Energy

The Pros and Cons of a Solar-powered Generator


Solar power continues to make great strides in popularity, as the technology improves and the necessity for us all to switch to renewable, sustainable energy and to loosen the grip of fossil fuels on the planet ramps up. Solar power is here to stay, and if you are a business owner looking for alternative power sources, a project manager trying to cut costs whilst going green but maintaining a robust power source, or a homeowner looking for a generator that is quiet and can be used on various appliances at home and when camping, there are choices for you.

What is a portable solar generator?

Any system that generates electricity using sunlight can be defined as a solar generator. For most people however, when we talk about solar generators, we are talking about an energy storage unit that is transportable and provides you with the provision of electricity away from the grid. Solar power generators can be installed anywhere, they are simple to set-up, and are great for keeping appliances charged during blackouts, as well as for caravans, camping trips, and remote construction sites.

What are the benefits of a portable solar generator?

Let’s look at a few of the benefits of hiring a portable solar generator:

Free energy – Whereas when you hire a generator that is powered by fossil fuel you must factor in the cost of fuel, with a solar generator you are gaining access to essentially free energy from solar power.

Convenient to use – Solar generators are so much more convenient than traditional generators, as they are lighter to carry, and are incredibly easy to set-up and get your appliances up and running.

Little to no maintenance – Solar generators do not have a variety of moving and stationary parts internally like a gas or diesel generator, and therefore there is not the same need to worry about potential breakdowns or maintenance.

Noise free and no odours – Especially important for locations where the generator is being used in a residential area or busy public space, solar generators do not make noise and do not create any smells as there is no fuel being burned.

Environmentally-friendly – As there are no carbon emissions being created due to sunlight being the source of energy, solar generators are completely sustainable and eco-friendly to use, helping in the battle against climate change.

Are there any drawbacks to solar generators?

It is only fair that we also look at any disadvantages to using solar generators. The main disadvantage is the high upfront costs to purchase a solar power generator, but this is where your choice to hire a solar powered generator is the smart one. The advantages heavily outweigh the negatives.

Make sure you connect your appliances to the best solar power generators available. The latest solar portable generator hire services provide you with the best solar hybrid options that help you power your appliances under a wide range of circumstances. Whether you run a hospital or other type of medical setting and require a steady, consistent and robust back-up generator for the worst-case scenario of a blackout, you want to change your business energy source from fossil fuels to a renewable energy source, or you require a solar generator to take on your next holiday/camping trip, sourcing the right generator hire is vital to your success.


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