What Does Cabinet Refacing Involve – Essential Aspects To Know 


Whether you’re planning for a simple kitchen spruce-up or a comprehensive overhaul, it’s crucial to decide what to do with cabinets. Nowadays, one of the best ways to transform the entire look of your kitchen is by investing in cabinet refacing. 

In most cases, refacing your cabinets will offer the kitchen a new appearance. It can also create a whole new style of aesthetics for the space. A prime objective during a kitchen renovation is to change the look of the cabinets. 

Often cabinets in good condition are dismantled because the homeowner is tired of their appearance. In these situations, investing in cabinet refacing services is the most affordable option. It allows you to keep your existing kitchen intact while transforming its appearance. 

Overview of Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing refers to the replacement of the outer portion of your kitchen cabinets. It may also involve removing the drawers and doors and applying a new layer of veneer over the existing area. Any professional refacing cabinets service will also replace the hinges, drawer pulls and handles during the process. Therefore, with this renovation technique, you can extend the durability of your cabinets. 

The Processes Involved in Cabinet Refacing 

Though the process of cabinet refacing seems simple, there are various intricacies involved that homeowners must know. Here are some processes involved in cabinet refacing. 

Removal of the Doors 

The existing doors and drawers must be removed to prep your cabinets for refacing. The proper removal of these components ensures the proper application of laminates, plywood, and veneers. 

The Double-Lamination Process 

It is an integral process in which plywood is bonded to the cabinet frames. The main objective of double-lamination is to secure the cabinets from water damage and moisture. 

Addition of Top-Quality Veneer 

The addition of veneer can make the kitchen cabinets stand out. You can consult with the contractor to apply a veneer of your choice. Cabinet veneers are available in a wide range of textures and colors. To improve your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal, you must select a color that suits your interiors. 

Installation of New Doors and Drawers 

Professional contractors will always install new doors and drawers to make sure that the refaced cabinets are durable. At times, they can also install drawer boxes to optimize the storage of your kitchen. You must always insist on installing new hinges and hardware during the refacing process. It will make your cabinets durable and long-lasting. 

Aspects to Consider Before Cabinet Refacing 

Before refacing a cabinet, you must consider the various aspects associated with the process. This is because you just cannot reface every cabinet. Cabinets eligible for refacing should have the following traits. 

  • The base construction should be sturdy and made of MDF or plywood panels. Note that the new veneers require smooth and solid surfaces to adhere properly. Veneers can be glued onto the plywood panels easily compared to other materials. 
  • The face frames of your cabinets should contain hardwood. The superior-quality hardwood face frames properly accept the veneers. They can also attach to the newly installed doors properly. 
  • The internal hardware components of your cabinet must be in pristine condition. For cabinet refacing to be successful, the drawers must operate smoothly. 

One of the key highlights of cabinet refacing is that you can select from a wide variety of style options. It also helps you retain your present kitchen layout. If you are looking for high-quality cabinet refacing, consult Guilin Cabinets. They have years of expertise in refacing all types of cabinets.  



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