Cleaning and Care of Light-Colored Curtains at Home


One of the most important yet neglected parts of home cleaning involves the cleaning of your window dressing-the curtains! Yet curtains are such a delightful extension of our home décor and interior style. They add color, and vigor and transform any dull area adding beauty and charm. They do get dusty, dirty, and soiled and need regular care just like any other home component. Regular scheduling of experts like Curtain Cleaning Sydney services ensures their long life and general maintenance.

Curtains come in many shades and fabrics and maintaining light-colored ones is a more involving task not completely an impossible one. They need extra care and caution and many seek periodic professional cleaning from Curtain Cleaners Sydney experts to save effort and time. Light-shaded curtains do add a lot of class and many times they are made from expensive fabrics that might be safe with Professional curtain cleaning Sydney service handling. Yet there are ways as a homeowner they may be cleaned and cared for without much stress. Read this article to know more.

Routine surface cleaning and care

The trick to cleaning curtains is to do them at regular intervals as a focused routine activity so that there is no dust or dirt build-up in the long term. This preserves the fabrics and extends the life of your curtains. When curtains are light-colored, they are vulnerable to any dirt and these become visible soon. If allowed to linger for long, they settle in and alter the color. You can avoid the frequent calling of Curtain Cleaning Sydney experts Avoid dirt and allergens from settling by vacuuming on both sides of curtains weekly and do this in a one-directional movement from top to bottom of the curtain length. If you would prefer, you can dust the surface using a static duster attachment or any cloth duster. Always maintain your vacuum setting on a low. Light curtains look wooly if it has lint covering. Remove the lint using a lint roller gently. This can also remove the pet hairs gathered on your light-shaded curtains.

Cleaning curtains in the washing machine

If the care label of your curtains suggests machine cleaning, you can safely proceed to do so. Most machines nowadays have specific settings for light-shaded laundry including curtains as an option. Always choose the right setting, temperature, and spin option. Try to keep all in a mild setting using a gentle laundry detergent or liquid. Ensure that the detergent is of good quality and does not harm the fabric and cause it to fade. In case of wrinkling after drying. Use the iron on a low setting preferably keeping a cloth between the iron and curtain fabric surface. Many Curtain Cleaners Sydney experts dry the curtains in dryers but home cleaners are advised to dry the curtains naturally in a clothesline.

Bleaching white curtains

Sometimes one of the most challenging things is to deal with light curtains that have started to look yellow. The problem can be solved if the curtains were white, to begin with. For this, you can use bleach to restore the color. Test a small section of your curtain using a non-chlorine bleach to find out if it is safe to use or not. If it doesn’t spoil the texture, go ahead with it. Another advantage of using bleach is that it eradicates any moldy stains from your curtains. After bleaching hang your curtains to dry and keep away as inhaling bleach can be not comfortable.

Stain removal from your curtains

Like upholstery curtains too come under attack from stains from tea, coffee, ink, etc., and removing these pots from a light-colored curtain is a tough task. When an accidental spill happens, blot it out with a clean cloth without rubbing the area. Rubbing excessively can cause the stain to sink deeper inside the fabric. Then machine wash in cold water, low temperature, and spin cycle using a mild detergent. If stains persist approach a Professional curtain cleaning Sydney service expert. Avoid using chemical-based stain-cleaning liquids as they may alter the feel and look of curtains. Always seek fabric-friendly cleaners.

Hand washing your curtains

If you do not spot your machine having any light-shaded clean setting, then opting for hand washing is the safest and wisest. Mix any good chemical-free detergent in warm water and mix well to make it soapy. Immerse the curtains and after some time knead them gently to remove dirt and dust. Then rinse several times to wash out any detergent residue. Do not wring but gently squeeze curtains, Dry in open air or a well-ventilated room.

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