From Size to Porosity: Things about Tiles to Consider


Choosing a tile can be a whole different experience when you start to look deeper. Knowing or studying different types of tiles is not enough as there is much more to know. From color to the pores, from the finish to the grout, everything contributes to the beauty and performance of the tiles.

Take a size

Choosing the appropriate size is another thing to keep in mind when picking out tiles for your house. These days, tiles come in a variety of sizes, including 300 by 600 mm, 600 by 600 mm, and 600 by 800 mm. Its common knowledge that adding large format tiles will make your room appears larger. It is advised, though, that the tile size match the dimensions of your room. It could appear smaller in a tiny room if the tiles are larger. Choose medium-sized floor ceramic tile (กระเบื้องปูพื้น, term in Thai) for small rooms. Before selecting the tile size, think about the size of your space carefully.

The ideal conclusion

You can choose the finish and texture. Using digital printing technology, any pattern may be easily created on a tile. Both glossy and matte tile finishes are great as long as they are installed appropriately for the available space.

Shiny and sophisticated, glossy tiles also provide the impression of more space. However, because they become slick when wet, these tiles are not the best choice for kitchens or bathrooms. Because matt finish tiles are long-lasting, non-slip, and stain-resistant, they lower the chance of falls in moist places like bathrooms.

For high-traffic areas, choosing durable and non-skid tiles is recommended. While maintaining long-term utility, tiles with natural terracotta, concrete, or stone finishes can have a rustic appearance.

Decide on the grout

When choosing the tiles, don’t forget about the grout. To get the desired effect, select the appropriate grout color. Typically, grout is chosen to match the tile, which gives the tiles a polished appearance while having a subtle effect. However, if you want a striking impact, use grout that contrasts with your tiles.

The allure of hues

It is entirely your choice to choose the color of the tile, whether you choose lighter or darker hues. However, before choosing the color, you can think about a few fundamental guidelines.

Light color schemes give your room an intimate appearance while still giving it a sense of vastness. Choose dark tiles to create a cozy atmosphere. They are simpler to maintain and do a good job of hiding dirt. Neutral colors provide flexibility to your room and go well with the accessories and décor. And lastly, you may always combine different options. Put on your creative cap and come up with unique tile designs for your house.

Remember the hardness of the tiles

When perusing various tile options, bear in mind the hardness of the tile. Moh’s scale is used to determine how hard tiles are, and class ratings assess how resilient they are to weather, foot traffic, stains, scratches, and general wear and tear.

Porous tile is impossible to overlook

Understanding the porosity of the tiles is yet another crucial factor to take into account when choosing tiles for your house. The ratio of air holes to solids in a tile influences its porosity, or the amount of water it can absorb.

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