Why Mouse Traps are Not Dependable.


As the weather changes, rodents like mice will try to enter your house. A lot of homeowners use traditional mouse traps to remove mice from their homes. This method requires setting traps around the house with bait such as peanut butter to attract and possibly kill the rodents. But this option is no longer dependable when it comes to mice elimination. Professionals at pointepestcontrol.net employ various mice removal solutions to help you keep your home free of mice and other rodents. Below are reasons why traditional mouse traps may not be able to effectively eliminate a mouse issue:

They Cannot Get Rid of the Source

When mouse trap is properly baited and placed, they can get rid of just one mouse. If there are many mice in your house, you must find the source rather than eliminate the rodents one at a time. Spotting even just one mouse in your house can mean that more of them are just nearby. This is the reason you should hire a professional exterminator. This professional can identify entry points for mice and employ solutions to address the issue in one treatment. 

They Can Lead to More Issues

A mouse can escape a trap with an injury. This injured mouse may die elsewhere in your house, which can result in even more issues. A more effective method is to get a pest control expert to handle your mouse problem. This expert can spot the location of mice and get rid of them efficiently. 

You Could Mishandle the Bait

Mice can detect people’s scent on the bait you will put on the trap. That is why you should not handle the bait with your bare hands. Otherwise, you will only contaminate the smell of the bait with human smells. You can prevent this from occurring by using gloves when you set up the trap. 

Mouse Traps are Dangerous to Humans and Pets

While snap traps, live traps, electric traps, and glue traps can catch or kill mice, they can cause harm to people, kids, and pets in your house. Below are the dangers that mouse traps come with:

  • Injuries. Snap traps are easy to use and can effectively catch mice. They have a strong snapping force that can kill a mouse. Sadly, they can cause injuries to people and animals. When you lose the bait and place the trap, you might hit the trigger and snap your fingers. Put the bait on the trap carefully, so this does not happen. While this accident won’t break your finger bone, it will hurt. It may result in serious bruising and pinched nerves. Meanwhile, curious kids might also get seriously injured if they trigger the trap.
  • Getting caught on. Glue boards may also cause trouble. They are made using a special adhesive that might get stuck to your extremities or hair. You may not easily get caught in these traps; however, a curious child might play around with them. No matter the kind of traps or bait you use, follow the instructions on the product labels when you install them. This reduces the risks of injuries. 

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